Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dhruba chala pardesh... well almost (california)

With tears in our eyes (almost) we bid Dhruba adieu. With him came an end to an era at NC State. Dhruba has graduated several Phd students in his stay here for the past 8 years and almost a million master's students. He has seen his friends get married, have children and watched their children go to school while he continued his pursuit towards higher education (2 Master's + 1 Phd). All through this Dhruba was a pillar of strength for his friends. People could take comfort in the fact that no matter what happened or how fast things changed, there were two things that would never change (Dhruba at NC State and his bachelorhood). One thing changed and Dhruba moved to California and now with Dhruba in India the second feature might change soon.