Thursday, July 13, 2006

Zidane Vs Materazzi

There is nothing that annoys me more than people passing verdict on things they really have no interest in and dont understand. In other words they dont know what the F*@# is going on. But they still have to say things as if it is their duty to pass a verdict, judge someone and say something. I almost got into an argument with someone (who has no interest in soccer) at work about Zidane. I must confess I have the habit of idolizing people. Maybe it is the perfections in them that draws the perfectionist in the imperfect me out. I have been a Zidane fan for a couple of years now. I admire him and adore him. Watching him on the field is a treat to the eyes. This world cup I made sure I watch france play just cause it was Zidane's last worldcup. It was quite surprising that the usually mild mannered Zidane would head butt Materazzi with just 8 minutes to go.He should not have done it but I guess I understand. There are moments when anger rushes to your brain like there is no tomorrow and all that matters is the moment you exist in. I still believe Zidane is a great player, disappointed that he lost his temper but I personally would not judge him.


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